Charlie Daniels revealed he played seven (7) fiddles for the Devil’s Part in ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’.

For Billboard’s series, “How It Went Down,” the country legend told the story of how exactly the song came to be.

When working on songs for their album “Million Mile Reflections”, Daniels realized there was one thing missing: a fiddle tune. There was a particular line he kept coming back to and that was, “The devil went down to Georgia.”

“Sometimes it takes a long time to write a song,” Daniels explains. “This particular song just started coming once I got the story, and knew where I was going wtih it. I just kind of followed it.”

While recording the song, Daniels said the devil’s part used about seven fiddles to get just right.

And while plenty of people have argued with him that the devil’s part is better than Johnny’s, Daniels says: “You can’t even remember what he plays. It’s just a bunch of noise.”

Watch the video here