Fentanyl abuse kills, but it doesn’t have to.

That message greets visitors to a new website launched to provide information about fentanyl abuse and the Patch4Patch program — which requires used fentanyl patches be returned when filling a prescription for new ones.

MPP Vic Fedeli says the website also provides information on his Private Members’ Bill.

He says the petition is really where they looking to get people to support the Bill 33, the Safeguarding our Communities Act, to bring Patch4Patch to the rest of the province.

Fedeli says the program has now been implemented or is in the process of being implemented in 45 Ontario communities, with that number expected to grow.

He also says it has now been more than a year since the last Fentanyl death in North Bay.

Prior to Patch4Patch, the city averaged two deaths a year dating back to 2007.